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Fest 7

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 by Power Rambling

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

The Ones That Start With the Letter "A"

Those That Begin With "B" or "C"

A Lot That Start With "D", Some With "E", and More Than You Might Expect of "F"

This is a whole lot beginning with "G" and ending with "L," but with other letters in between


Starts with "T," and goes all the way to the end, but with some letters missing

Breaking Down the Warped Tour - You Like Christian Rock?

Sunday, June 3, 2007 by Power Rambling

Just for fun I made some pie charts (mmmm... pie) about the different labels representing bands at the St. Petersburg stop of this year's Warped Tour. Check it out.
Warped Tour Label Breakdown

Based on band's last release.

Christians vs. Heathens

"Christians," in this case, means bands on either Tooth and Nail Records (which some claim is no longer a Christian label) or Solid State Records, which is an imprint label owned by Tooth and Nail.

Major vs. Christian vs. non-Christian Indie

The final breakdown looks like a pretty good mix. If I were to see this chart, I would: A. Wonder why some idiot made it, and B. Think that there would probably be some bands I would like to see.

This year, though, that's just not the case for me. I listened to some of every band while compiling the previous posts, and of the bands I didn't know, there was only one that at first listen sounded original. That didn't last, unfortunately. I wouldn't mid seeing Bad Religion, but I have seen them before. I can't justify the price of the ticket just to go record shopping, either. So unless the lineup changes, I am probably not going this year. Disappointing.

DC Punk Show Flyers

Saturday, June 2, 2007 by Power Rambling

This is the first flyer I ever made (not counting ones for my high school band. I think I used Pagemaker or some other program I had never seen before. It's not pretty, but I wanted to show it so you could see some of the bands who played the Happy Hardcore House. I lived there along with two of the other members of Midvale, the first singer from Lucid, and a number of other people.
Earthwell DC Stamp Flyer

It's hard to read, but these are the bands listed:
Gus, Autumn, Syrup, Darkest Hour, Ethel Meserve, Endeavor, Farside, Walleye, Prema, Deadguy, Faultline, Candyland Car Crash, Cycle, Marble, Vest Pocket Psalm, Backlash, Anasarca, Split Lip (later became Chamberlain), Samuel, Cast Iron Hike, Catharsis, Lucid, The Crown Hate Ruin, Bloodlet, Torn Apart, Anonymous, Seraphim, Texas Is the Reason, Revolution 9, Clairmel, The Slackers, I Am Heaven, Stillsuit, The Preschoolers, The Skunks, Even Tide, Bikini Kill, Bound, Americar Underworld, Brother's Keeper, Shades Apart, Brody, Midvale, Union, Arcane, Shift, Hedge, Serenity Fall, Team Dresch, The Cold Cold Hearts, Midcarson July, Inkwell, Astoria and Jasta 14.

It's a good bunch of bands, but not even close to all of them that played, either in our basement or at The George Washington University. We booked lots and lots of shows. DC owes us a (very small) debt of gratitude.

Unfortunately, I never once took a picture of any of these bands, but I know someone who did. Maybe this will convince her to start let me scanning. What do you say, Lizard?

Some of these bands are pretty obscure, others are huge. Leave a comment below and let me know who you saw and where you saw them, if you still remember. Us old folks might be starting to lose it. We must preserve our harDCore history!

Warped Tour - St. Pete Bands Part Three Last Post!

by Power Rambling

  • New Found Glory from Coral Springs, FL. On Drive Thru Records. Band site.Norma Jean
  • Norma Jean from Douglasville, GA. On Solid State Records/Tooth and Nail Records. Band site.
  • Nothington from Petaluma, CA. Ex-Tsunami Bomb. On BYO Records. Band site.
  • Paramore from Franklin, TN. On Tampa-based Fueled By Ramen. Band site.
  • Parkway Drive from Byron Bay, Australia. On Epitaph Records. Band site.
  • Pennywise from Hermosa Beach, CA. On Epitaph Records. Band site.
  • Pepper from Kailua Kona, HI. On Atlantic Records. Band site.
  • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus from Middleburg, FL. On Virgin Records. Band site.
  • Revolution Mother from Long Beach, CA. On Cement Shoes Records. Revolution MotherThis is Mike Vallely's band. Band site.
  • Scary Kids Scaring Kids from Gilbert, AZ. On Immortal Records. I saw these guys at last year's Warped tour. They were funny, and sounded much better than the recordings. Band site.
  • The Spill Canvas from Sioux Falls, SD. On Sire Records. Band site.
  • The Starting Line from Philadelphia, PA. On Virgin Records. Band site.
  • Straylight Run from Long Island, NY. On Universal Records. Truly awful Band site.
  • Street Drum Corps from Los Angeles, CA. On Warcon Enterprises. Band site.
  • The Toasters from New York, NY. On Megalith Records. Band site.
  • Throwdown from Orange County, CA. On Trustkill Records.Wikipedia calls them straight-edge, but I don't see any X's. I did see a split with Good Clean Fun, though. Band site.Throwdown
  • Throw the Fight from Minneapolis, MN. On Warner Music Group. Band site.
  • Tiger Army from Berkeley, CA. On Hellcat Records. Band site.
  • The Unseen from Boston, MA. On Hellcat Records. Band site.
  • The Vincent Black Shadow from Vancouver, BC, Canada. On BoDog Music. Band site.

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  • Warped Tour - St. Pete Bands Part 2

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007 by Power Rambling

    Continuing with the onslaught of Warped tour bands playing St. Pete this summer '07:Don't Die Cindy
  • The Dear and Departed from orange County, CA. On Science Records. Band site.
  • Don't Die Cindy from Panama City, FL. On Cake Records. Band site.
  • Escape the Fate from Las Vegas, NV. On Epitaph Records, oddly enough. Band site.
  • Evaline from Turlock, CA. On Warner Brothers records.
  • The Fabulous Rudies from Oceanside, CA. On Fun1One Records. Band site.
  • Funeral For a Friend from Bridgend, South Wales, UK. On Atlantic Records. Band site.
  • Gallows from Watford, England. On Black Envelope Records/Epitaph Records. Band site.
  • The Graduate from Springfield, IL. On Icon MES Records.A Am Ghost
  • Haste the Day from Indianapolis, IN. On Solid State Records. Band site.
  • Hawthorne Heights from Dayton, OH. Currently suing (and being countersued by) Victory Records. Band site.
  • Hot Rod Circuit from New Haven, CT. On Immortal Records. Band site.
  • The Human Abstract from Los Angeles, CA. On Hopeless Records. Band site.
  • I Am Ghost from Long beach, CA. On Epitaph Records. Band site.
  • It Dies Today from Buffalo, NY. on Trustkill Records. Band site.
  • Kaddisfly from Portland, OR. On Hopeless Records. Band site.
  • Killswitch Engage from Westfield, MA. On Roadrunner Records. Band site.
  • K-os from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On Astralwerks. Band site.
  • Mayday Parade from Tallahassee, FL. On Fearless Records. Band site.
  • The Matches from Oakland, CA. On Epitaph Records. Band site.My American heart
  • Meg and Dia from Draper, UT. On Doghouse Records. Band site.
  • My American Heart from San Diego, CA. On Warcon Enterprises. Band site.

    Lots of small bands and lots of majors. There's something here, I just don't know what. Do you? Leave a comment, for once. It's easy.

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  • Songs From Every '07 Warped Band!

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007 by Power Rambling

    The annual Warped Tour is approaching again. This year it takes place on July 20th at Vinoy Park, on the water in St. Petersburg. I've linked to their site before, and it is possible to see which bands are playing, but it's a pain in the ass to figure out if the bands listed are actually going to be here. Most of the bands are only playing part of the tour, and a lot of good bands won't be here. But I went ahead and figured out . Here's a list of the bands playing the St. Pete show, and links to some music, starting with the first 18 bands:

  • Alesana from Raleigh, NC. On Fearless Records. Band site.
  • All Time Low from Lutherville-Timonium, MD. On The AlmostHopeless Records, the label behind the well-known Hopelessy Devoted To You compilations. Band site.
  • The Almost from Salt Lake City, UT. Notable for being the side project of Underoath drummer and singer Aaron Gillespie. On Tooth and Nail Records/Virgin Records. Band site. Oh, and Wikipedia lists them as a Christian band. Fair warning is due.
  • Amber Pacific from Seattle WA. On Hopeless Records. Band site.
  • Anberlin from Winter Haven, FL. On Tooth and Nail Records. Band site.
  • As Cities Burn from Mandeville, LA. On Solid State Records, an imprint of Tooth and Nail Records. Band site.
  • Authority Zero from Mesa, AZ. On Big Panda Records. Band site.
  • The Automatic from Cardiff, Wales. On B-Unique Records. Band site.
  • Bad Religion, As Cities Burnthe granddaddys of punk from Woodland Hills, CA. On Epitaph Records. The new record does not sound like the others. You tell me if that's good or bad. Band site.
  • Bayside from Bayside, Queens, NY. On the infamous Victory Records. Band site.
  • Bleed the Dream from Los Angeles, CA. On Warcon Enterprises. Band site.
  • Bless the Fall from Phoenix, AZ. On Science Records.
  • Boys Like Girls from Boston, MA. On Columbia Records. Band site.
  • The Chariot from Douglasville, GA. On Solid State Records. Band site.
  • Chiodos from Davison, MI. On Equal Vision Records. Totally cheesy Band site.
  • Circa Survive from Philadelphia, PA. On Equal Vision Records. I have seen these guys three or four times now, and they can be really good when they actually try. Actually, the band is always good. Bad ReligionThe singing could use a touch more sobriety at times. But when they are good, they are really good. Band site.
  • Coheed and Cambria from New York, NY. On SonyBMG. Band site.
  • Cute Is What We Aim For from Buffalo, NY. On Atlantic Records. Really bad Band site.

    So do you know if you are going to go yet? Did anything jump out at you? Well if not, just be patient. More to come quickly. Post a comment below if you have something to say about Warped or any of these bands.

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  • Listening to Anything New?

    Monday, May 21, 2007 by Power Rambling

    It's basically impossible for me not to look for great new music. Here's a little of what I've found lately:

    Matt and Kim are a two-piece from Brooklyn. Kim plays a sparse drum set while Matt plays keyboards and sings. Their music is heavily syncopated and positively cheerful. I like my fast angry punk rock, to be sure, but happy music makes me glad I am alive. At their website you can download No More Long Years, Matt and Kim from flickr user joeyjojojoYea Yeah, Verbs Before Nouns and Silver Tiles right from the frontpage. Also you can see pics of Kim being adorable. I saw them play two nights ago at the Crowbar
    and her wide-open smile never stopped. Matt thought she had all the stage lights, but I think it was just Kim being happy. Great show, and a really fun band. Definitely download if you like Mates of State's more upbeat songs, or any Hot Hot Heat at all. Oh, and Mates of State fans, trust me, it's not a rip-off. Besides, they play the opposite instruments.

    If you haven't already heard of The Thermals from Portland, Oregon, then it is high time you did. If you know Archers of Loaf and Superdrag and like them then don't be surprised if you like this too. The Thermals from flickr user ateaseThe Thermals is political punk with a baby-smooth front, and it rocks hard. Download Here's Your Future (my favorite and a must hear), A Pillar of Salt, How We Know, A Stare Like Yours, It's Trivia, and No Culture Icons right from the front page of their website. It's a little weird, though. Look for the music player at the top left of the page and mouse over the name of the song to download each track. This will be the very best thing you found in a while.

    You know what The Hold Steady kind of sound like? It's a little like if The Black Crowes didn't thoroughly suck. I absolutely hate that band, and it isn't even fair to imply any sort of association with Chris "Give Me Drugs Not Food" Robinson, but still. The Hold Steady have a straightforward rock 'n' roll sound, sing-along choruses and the kind of alcoholism that makes for great songwriting. Chris Neiles from Neile's Life (it's an outstanding blog besides just hosting these songs) posted three songs: Chips Ahoy!, Party Pit and Southtown Girls. They won't be up for very long, so go now and get them. I can only strongly recommend the first two, but get the last one anyway and then tell me what you think. Also, don't miss out on Vagrant, Stuck Between Stations and Positive Jam, both posted on Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good, which happens to be an excellent music blog as well.

    That should get you started on some new stuff you may not already know about. Look for more posts like this in the future. Also, check back for reviews of shows and records soon. Oh, and let me know what you think of these bands. Leave a comment below. Thanks.

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